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RIO compact


>>>> RIO modules

RIO (Remote Input Output) is a compact and modular remote PLC I/O product to control sensors and actuators through a fieldbus. The modular structure of each RIO block guarantees a high level of flexibility, reducing installation and maintenance costs: in the event of a malfunction, the electronic part of each block can be easily replaced without disconnecting the cables. All Input and Output status is indicated by led and the connection of external cables is done by inserting the cable into a spring contact.

RIO modular

RIO compact

is a system that allows each I/O node to be configured to meet the specific needs of each application. Each node is made up of a CANopen or Profibus bus coupler and up to 8 I/O modules. The individual module can interface digital or analogue signals or can perform specific functions like counting, positioning or interfacing temperature sensors.

is a system complementary to the modular system, where each node includes digital I/O and CANopen or Profibus interface in a single module.
These modules can be used when there is a limited number of I/O or when the I/O nodes must be positioned remotely around the machine. The fieldbus flexibility allows nodes to be connected several hundred metres apart while still operating at high communication speeds.
The strength of the COMPACT RIO is where 16 or less I/O points are required. In addition the I/O channels are configurable to allow the mix of inputs and outputs.

Mini-Compact I/O
>>>> Mini Compact I/O modules

Offers a cost effective solution for digital I/O as each module includes the CANopen controller with 16 inputs and 16 configurable I/O devices at a low cost. The module design allows it to be installed into the electrical panel using a DIN rail. The I/O cabling is via D-shell connector on the front side. The mini Compact module has an optoisolated CANopen power supply, diagnostic led's for fault conditions and rotary selector for quick preset of node address and baud rate.
Modbus modules
>>>> Modbus I/O modules

These modules, both in digital and analog version, are interfaced with the control unit via a serial port RS485 using Modbus RTU protocol at a maximum speed of 115Kbaude. They can be installed on a DIN bar up to 1.000 meters distance and it is possible to replace them without disconnecting wires. All modules have a 24V power supply. Digital I/O modules support 24V optoisolated input and 0,5A or relay output. Analog modules are available both for ±10V and 4-20mA and have a 16bit resolution.