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Ceramic, Palletisers, glazing, Marble industry
Aluminium, Wood, Food industry

>>>> Aluminium industry:

» Aluminium industry
The OSAI CNC product range is typically used for high speed milling machines, the Automation product line can be used for any special purpose applications related to this industry. SyncMotion has been used for robotic applications in aluminium foundry's where molten metal must be transported at high speeds between the casting and cleaning process lines.

Other applications include automatically cutting Aluminium extrusion to programmed lengths.

>>>> Aluminium industry: twin head cutting machine

These machines (single or double head) can cut aluminium bars or extrusions to programmed lengths and angles. The SyncMotion control with a user friendly interface for the operator as well as high levels of speed and accuracy for the positioning axes with the use of brushless servo motors. By adding a modem board to the system, it is possible to remotely diagnose the machine status and to simulate the machine screen of the control unit in real time.

>>>> Aluminium industry: casting Robot

Casting robots are systems which generally have 3 controlled axes, one rotary (the ladle) and two linear.
The robot has to take a ladle filled with molten aluminium from a container and move quickly to the press forging machine and pour it into the die. In order to keep the edge of the ladle in the correct position as the aluminium is poured into the die it is necessary to adjust the position of the linear axis as the rotary axis is moved. At the end of this operation the robot must move quickly to a cleaning station before any remaining aluminium has time to solidify.
In this application the axes must move very quickly, to avoid spilling the aluminium during the acceleration and deceleration the SyncMotion system uses non-linear ramps (S-Ramps). In this application the SyncMotion control is interfaced to another PLC controlling the press automation via a Profibus connection.


>>>> Wood industry:

» Wood industry
OSAI is a market leader for CNC controls used on wood routing machines. SyncMotion is used for other wood related applications such as panel cutting, drilling, finishing and polishing. SyncMotion can also be used for automatic assembly of furniture. For example, a robot head designed to orientate perpendicular to each wood surface before firing nails to assemble the product.

>>>> Wood industry: wood panel sanding line

This application highlights all of the SyncMotion features.
The system has a two CANopen fieldbus networks to help improve the machine performance and cycle execution. The first CANopen network controls 28 brushless motors that perform the sanding operations; the second CANopen network controls 11 I/O nodes (digital, analogue and intelligent). The system connects 10 asynchronous motors controlled by inverters through RS485 with Modbus RTU protocol. The serial port RS232 is used to connect a touch panel used to enter production data. Finally the Ethernet with TCP/IP protocol connects the system to a supervision PC. The operator interface has been developed using Visual Basic.Net

>>>> Wood industry: automatic furniture assembling

The press and nail firing machine which is used to assemble furniture is controlled by a SyncMotion control gives a high production capacity and flexibility. By interfacing directly with a bar code reader the system is able to automatically recognise the part to be assembled. The head of the nail firing mechanism must always be perpendicular to the profile in order to obtain a robust assembly.
In this application both parts of the machine (press and shooter) are handled by a single SyncMotion control that synchronises the movements of the two units.


>>>> Food industry:

» Food industry
There are many applications in the food industry where both servo control and general automation is required for production processes. Typical examples include bottle filling and palletising. TECHmark visualisation systems (PC Panels and monitors) are ideally suited to the food environment thanks to their stainless steel construction and Inox front panel which has a protective film offering IP67 protection level. The film eliminates any ledges or crevices where contamination could occur and also allows panels to be washed down with high pressure water.