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Ceramic, Palletisers, glazing, Marble industry
Aluminium, Wood, Food industry

>>>> Ceramic industry:

>>>> Markets & applications

In this section we cover some related applications which have already been implemented with the SyncMotion and SyncLogic product line.
By discussing these examples we will demonstrate how quick and easy it is to adapt to completely different applications and highlight the flexibility of the SyncMotion and SyncLogic product line.

» Ceramic industry
Within the ceramic industry the Automation Control has been used for both palletising systems and machines used to print serigraphy on tiles. For the serigraphy printing process the SyncMotion controls a rotary axis used to print the tiles with the other axis used to transport the tiles through the machine via electronic cam functions.

SyncLogic can be used for oven, press, mixing and dosing applications where servo control is not required.


>>>> Ceramic industry: glazing line for tiles

These are automatic machines used to print serigraphy on ceramic tiles achieved using different technologies. The tiles generally move on a conveyor with each tile being detected using one or more photocells placed immediately before the printing head.
The SyncMotion control simultaneously manages both the printing head and the tile conveyor.
This application uses the Electronic Cam feature, where the conveyor is the master axis and the
slave axes are the rotary printing heads.

>>>> Ceramic industry: palletisers

The palletiser market is very diverse in terms of the required application performance.
The most economic solutions use open loop axes with asynchronous motors and proximity switches
to detect the end position has been reached. SyncLogic is ideal for this type of application where
the palletiser interface is achieved using digital and analogue I/O.
More sophisticated applications can use SyncMotion to manage brushless servo motors for
very accurate and high speed positioning.
In both cases, a Windows PC panel offers an efficient graphical programming system for palletisation, including machine diagnostics and in some cases user or service manuals in electronic format,
embedded in the machine control.


>>>> Marble working:


» Marble industry
Machines for the marble industry offer a wide range of applications to the Automation Control product line. Typical projects include disc cutting, planar polishing, side finishing machines and lathes. The SyncMotion uses both brushless servo motors and asynchronous motors driven by inverters. The SyncLogic control can be used for applications such as sanding machines where open loop axes are required.
TECHmark Automation solutions offer many different ways of providing user friendly operator interfaces.

>>>> Marble working: sawing bridge machine - analogue solution

Disc cutting machines with SyncMotion using an analogue interface have the advantage of offering a low cost solution, allowing asynchronous motors driven by inverters (sometimes multiplexed on non simultaneous axes) to be interfaced to the control. This solution can be implemented in two different ways:

- Panel PC (10.4” or 12”) with CANopen interface and RIO modules used to interface inverters and encoders.
- SyncMotion with analogue interface and touch screen monitors (6.4” or 10.4”). where the control is connected directly to the inverters and encoder feedback.

>>>> Marble working: sawing bridge machine - digital solution

Disc cutting machines with SyncMotion using a digital interface offer a high dynamic and position accuracy. The solution has a Panel PC (10.4” or 12”) and a single CANopen cable that interconnects to digital I/O, inverter for the cutting disc and 3 or 4 brushless servo drives for the machine axes.