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TK-OIKOS a range of built-in Panel PCs designed for residential automation:
10.4" LCD Celeron M 600MHz & Windows XP Embedded
15" LCD Celeron M 600MHz & Windows XP Embedded



the Panel PC for wall installation dedicated to residential automation
Refined and Chic, compact and functional, silent and safe....

TK-OIKOS is the line of built-in Panel PCs designed for
residential automation

TK-OIKOS is an extremely innovative system and an original solution to satisfy increasing demand for technological products in both residential and commercial sectors.
The tendency towards the use of standard PCs in domestic systems is spreading in both residential and service sectors: PC technology allows efficient integration and centralisation of security and alarm systems, access control, comfort regulation, lighting control etc. .

TK-OIKOS has been specifically designed for domestic systems dedicated to the management and supervision of all the systems present in "intelligent" buildings in order to provide greater security and comfort.

» TK-OIKOS can be used in security systems to gather, monitor and elaborate field information from detectors, buttons and sensors which perceive situations for an alarm;
» to increase comfort in the home, TK-OIKOS is used for automatic management of lighting systems by means of a timed sequence. The intelligent control of the lighting system based on the environmental conditions detected by TK-OIKOS also provides energy savings.
» TK-OIKOS is also used in access control applications which enable the detection and identification, at any time, of the presence and access of staff.

» practical & functional...
TK-OIKOS is a practical and functional "all-in-one" system which eliminates all the disadvantages and the difficulties of the traditional systems in use today.
Thanks to its compact mechanical structure and optimal efficient heat dissipation, it can be inserted in a normal multifunctional wall box. This box significantly simplifies mounting (assembly), completely eliminates the problem of external cabling and guarantees the maximum freedom of positioning so the PC melds in and harmonises perfectly with the ambience of the room.

» silent & discreet...
TK-OIKOS is a noiseless system because it is FAN LESS, and so completely silent. For this reason it can be installed in a bedroom.
The TK-OIKOS also has an internal speaker so there is no need for the installation of exterior audio devices.

» refined & chic...
TK-OIKOS is also a very stylish PC with an uncomplicated yet elegant design which adapts and merges perfectly with every style of furniture and integrates easily with any type of ambience.
The facade is available in an easily painted aluminum frame in a standard metallic gray.
Ground glass frames on chromium plated bezel improves the aspect of the PC, giving it a further touch of elegance making it suitable for installation in refined locations.


General features:

» 10.4" and 15" TFT with integrated touch screen
» Fanless Technology Low Power processors
» Up to Celeron M 600MHz Processors
» Windows XP Embedded Operating System
» Solid State Disk for memory programs
» RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet Standard Communications Ports
» Integrated Audio and possible external speakers
» Optional Expansion for modem connection
» RS485 Port for the use of EIB/Konnex, LonWorks
or Modbus for connection to remote control devices

10.4" LCD Celeron M 600MHz & Windows XP Embedded
15" LCD Celeron M 600MHz & Windows XP Embedded