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>>>> SyncMotion: PC + MOTION + PLC + HMI

SyncMotion is a PC-based PLC automation system that can be used for automation applications where accurate movement of machine axes is required.

¨ The hardware platform is based on PC based hardware using low-power CPUs (Fanless) and solid state disk memory storage. This guarantees reliability in industrial environments due to low heat emission and having no moving parts.
¨ Windows CE 5.0, the embedded operating system by Microsoft, guarantees reliability along with increased performance, high level real-time operation and reduced kernel size (~20Mb). Using this operating system also allows Motion Control applications to run without the need for dedicated processors as well as providing standard Windows style operator interface.
¨ The devices (axes and I/O) are controlled remotely through a standard CANopen fieldbus.


Additional devices (I/O modules, inverter etc.) can be connected using CANopen or the RS485 serial line with Modbus RTU protocol.
It is possible to interface to standard PLC systems via auxiliary connections using Profibus or Devicenet fieldbus.
SoftPLC and SoftMotion and software packages are available for standard PLC functions and axes control. These packages give the application engineer an user friendly integrated development tool which is flexible enough to meet all the requirements of any real-time application.
Connection between the development system (PC or Laptop) and the control is made via an Ethernet TCP/IP
>>>> Architecture types:
The SyncMotion Distributed architecture with digital interface means that reduced cabling will give a significant cost reduction.
The reduction in cabling is realised by using the three wire CANopen bus system to interconnect the various devices (drives, I/O, third party devices). The maximum bus distance is 500 metres, with a maximum of 127 devices connected on it.
(Max 16 OS3CAN drives and 127 RIO nodes with a transmission speed up to 1 Mbit/sec)
It is possible to connect other devices to the CANopen interface as long as they are compatible with DS301 for digital I/O or DS402 for drives (drives must support the standard interpolation mode as described in DS402).
The SyncMotion Compact architecture offers an excellent price-performance ratio by integrating digital and analogue I/O as well as encoder ports into the same unit. This combination provides an analogue interface for up to 4 axes in total.
The speed reference is via a +/- 10v analogue signal and axis position via encoder feedback.
The system has a fast input associated with each encoder channel which is used to strobe the axis position.
When using the OS3CAN drives for brushless motors with an analogue system, they can also provide encoder emulation for position feedback.
Additional I/O can be added by using the OSAI Modbus RTU modules connected to the RS485 port.