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SyncMotion & SyncLogic:
innovation in Automation!

The Automation Control has been designed to offer solutions based on a simple architecture but with the highest technology available. The benefit of using the SyncMotion & SyncLogic solutions is to have an integrated solution including Control, movement, visualisation and I/O.

This product line includes all of the main components required for automation:

¨ SyncMotion control unit for motion control, can be supplied either as a PC panel with integrated screen or as a rack mount version with a choice of optional industrial flat screens available.

¨ SyncLogic control unit for field control, is available in the same hardware formats as SyncMotion. The difference being that the SoftPLC motion library is not included.

¨ Drives and motors for motion applications. A range of drives and brushless servo motors are available. They come in both single phase 230VAC and three phase 400VAC versions and can be controlled using either an integrated fieldbus connection or a conventional analogue interface.

¨ Remote I/O modules. A wide range of digital and analogue modules are available, connectable to the control through the fieldbus link. Special modules such as counters, thermocouples and positioning modules are also supported which gives added flexibility to solve any automation problem.