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10/110 CNC
10/110 CNC offers an excellent price-performances

10/510 CNC
10/ 510 offers more CNC solutions with price-performance

10/510i CNC
10/510i models greatly speed up module integration

10 Series CNC Programming features

10 MC

10 Series CNC is the first control to offer a range of models covering homogenous applications, starting with a basic 3 axes mono-process, (compact version), through to the ability to manage 20 processes and 32 axes, (modular version).
The modular and ergonomic design of the new range of Operator Panels with LCD displays simplifies installation and facilitates optimum use of the control.

The flexible configuration flexibility of the various 10 Series modules takes full advantage of distributed architecture and the ability to communicate through a standard Ethernet. The integrated application programming and diagnostic tools provide a simple and innovative method to integrate the control at the machine. Likewise the DOS and Windows environments allow the operator interface and technical algorithms to be customised.