CNC Retrofits
Retrofitting can be a cost effective way of realising the potential of your current machinery.
We have 29 years of experience with retrofitting a diverse range of Machine tools, for example... Lathes, Borers, Machine centres, Mills, Stone Machines, Glass Machines, CNC Routers & special purpose machinery.
We use quality user friendly CNC’s
Our preferred CNC’s to use to retrofit are OSAI (formally Allen Bradley) and Fanuc CNC, but install customer preferred systems on request.

We do not compromise or cut corners on quality and only use the highest quality components with our retrofits. We don’t use undersized servo motors with high reduction gear boxes, we calculate the correct size servo system to perform when doing heavy machining.

DC & AC Servo Drive Replacement
DC drives or AC servo drives upgraded with analog or digital AC Servo Drives & Motors.

DC & AC VSD Drive Replacement
We can also replace your old DC drives on spindles and feed boxes or Ward Lenard Generator DC feed drives with current technology DC drives or VSD AC Drives & Motors.

Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)
We replace old unreliable relay logic with current technology PLC’s making old machinery reliable again.

Electrical Panel Building
We can custom build new electrical panels or replace existing power contactors and overloads with new equipment and replace all fuses with easy to maintain circuit breakers.
We can also supply new CAD generated wiring diagrams if required.

Machinery Rewiring
As moving cables and conduits become brittle overtime they need to be replaced before serious damage is caused to other components or the machinery breaks down due to broken wires in the circuitry. Contact us if you would like your machine inspected or for a no obligation quote on the repairs needed.

Froriep FBT 150-240 Horizontal Borer 10/510 PLC Retrofit
The Ward Leonard DC Generator, DC Feed and Spindle control on this machine had got to a point where the machine could not be relied upon to fulfill daily production requirements due to constant failures and breakdowns. It also became expensive to keep operational due to the age of components and technology used.

We removed the entire electrical panel and Ward Leonard DC Generator and replaced the panel with current technology OSAI PLC and DC Drives for the feeds and spindle control.

The machine has not had one minute of down time since introducing the new system.


Maho MH1000 10/510 CNC Retrofit
The original Philips CNC on this machine felt it was time to retire after over 25 years of service & because parts were no longer available to keep it running.
Using an OSAI 10/510i CNC in conjunction with a WinMedia Panel, we customised the screen layout for the customer’s specific needs and have put the machine back into a condition where it should be around in another 25 years.

Poreba Lathe 10/110 Digital CNC Retrofit
This machine was originally a manual conventional lathe, new ball screws were installed to all axes. To minimise down time new electrical panel were made to replace the existing panels

With the retrofit kit, CNC Systems supplied a full set of custom designed electrical schematics, operator manuals, new electrical panel, CNC Pendant & control system




Droop & Rein 10/510 CNC Retrofit
Removing the tired 10 Year old Fidia CNC from this machine has transformed it from an unreliable inaccurate machine in to a state of the art user friendly machine tool.
Using an OSAI 10/510i CNC in conjunction with a WinMedia Panel, we customised the screen layout for the customers specific needs and installed CADEM CAD/CAM system directly at the control for part program creation.



Nikken Rotary Table 10/110 CNC Retrofit
After the original controller for this CNC Rotary Table failed and there was no service or spare parts available for the system, it was time to throw it away or replace the control.
We replaced the original controller with an OSAI 10/110 CNC which was made to be portable so the table could be placed and interface with any other machine on the site.
We also so designed the system to connect with a 2nd Rotary Indexing table which had some similar problems further expanding the flexibility of the operation.


Matrix 10/110 CNC Mill Retrofit
This machine was originally a manual machine, but as it had ball screws to all axes, it was the perfect machine to retrofit.
We supplied an OSAI 10/110 Light CNC retrofit kit and the system was installed by the customer.

With the retrofit kit, CNC Systems supplied a full set of custom designed electrical schematics, operator manuals, CNC Pendant & control system.


L Type Elga Mill TNC-415 CNC Retrofit

This machine was originally a point to point NC machine, we replaced the original control system with a Heidenhain TNC-415 CNC and removed the original DC variable speed drive system for axes positioning and replaced it with OSAI DAC 60 AC Servo Drives and motors.