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Ceramic, Palletisers, glazing, Marble industry
Aluminium, Wood, Food industry

>> Automation Systems Control units  
All the control units have the following common characteristics:
¨ 24Vdc power supply
¨ Low power system without fans
¨ CPU at 400MHz or 733MHz, RAM up to 256Mb, flash
      memory up to 1Gb
¨ 128Kb retentive memory to store status and PLC
¨ General Emergency Stop relay
Panel PC Rack with digital interface
Analogic Rack

Control units with CANopen digital interface have a dedicated processor to manage the protocol and the I/O update.
They are available in the following versions:

» Panel PC with 10,4", 12" or 15" TFT, integrated touch screen    and can have additional boards for:

¨ interface to PLC via Profibus or Devicenet fieldbus
¨ additional CANopen fieldbus to distribute data exchange when    the configuration is particularly complex
¨ master encoder interface and photocell inputs to latch part    position for sophisticated electronic cam applications
¨ integrated modem for remote diagnostic » Rack wall mount.
   They can have, as an option, an operator interface (monitor) 6.4”,    10.4”, 12” or 15” with integrated touch screen up to 7 meter.


Control units with an analog interface are wall mount rack versions for installation in electrical cabinets and, as an option, an operator interface (monitor) 6.4”, 10.4”, 12” or 15” with integrated touch screen up to 7 meter.

They have the following integrated devices:

¨ 4 axes interface with ±10V analog interface to drives and    encoder feedback
¨ 24 optoisolated digital input at 24Volt, 4 fast input to strobe axis
   position at less than 1 microsecond
¨ 16 optoisolated digital output at 24Volt, 0.5A
¨ 2 analog input with 12 bit resolution