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The SBC product line has been completely renewed to be RoHS compliant and with a new increased range of models based on ETX® standard and MiniITX format that is able to satisfy every type of industrial application: motion control systems, process automation, industrial field bus supervision etc...

» ECX Solutions
This product line includes 3.5” Embedded models which provide a solution for multimedia equipment used in kiosks, point of sales, operator interface systems and in general applications requiring compact CPU boards connected to LCD display. The ECX format has been engineered to include all the standard features of a CPU board in a very compact space.

Models we offer are based on AMD LX800, VIA Mark and Celeron M/Pentium M CPUs with a wide choice of standard peripherals and a PC104 or PC104+ slot.

» Mini-ITX Solutions
Mini-ITX models are used in applications where the dimension of the board is not as important as the multimedia features. The range includes models with AMD LX800 and Intel Celeron M, Pentium M CPUs, and the latest processor technology Core Duo and Core 2 Duo up to 1,5GHz CPUs based on Chipset Intel 945GME + ICH7 with 667GHz FSB. These models have a PCIex1 expansion slot and 2 x Gigabit Ethernet ports.
All Mini-ITX models have - touch screen controller integrated, digital interface for LCD display and the Dual Independent display management.

» ETX Solutions
This product line has been designed according to ETX® standard. In terms of supported interfaces ETX guarantees an excellent level of flexibility and simplifies the electronic design.
ETX boards are used in applications where it is necessary to design a customised carrier board with a specific layout for the connectors related to application.
The CPU module, is separate from the carrier board, which is the hardware platform where the connectors and peripherals are located. This separation makes it easier to re-design the carrier board for additional I/O ports to better serve different applications needs and shorten the developing time with no modification to the CPU module is needed.
ETX modules with Low Power processors: AMD LX800 500MHz, Intel Celeron M and Pentium M up to 1,4GHz. All modules have the same RAM type in order to optimise configurations. Some carrier board versions support different ETX modules with various configurations. The carrier boards are industrial grade and 24V, Compact Flash and DiskOnModule, PCI, PC104 or PC104+ expansion slots, serials RS422/485.