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Semi-rugged Tablet PC 10,4" with touch screen:
10,4" - Windows CE
10,4" XGA - Windows XP Emb
10,4" XGA - Windows XP Pro
10,4" SVGA - Windows XP Emb
10,4" SVGA - Windows XP Pro

Rugged Tablet PC 10,4" with touch screen:
10,4" SVGA - Windows XP Emb
10,4" SVGA - Windows XP Pro
10,4" XGA - Windows XP Emb
10,4" XGA - Windows XP Pro

Tablet PC:


» doctors
» maintenance engineers
» foremen
» sale managers
» ports, warehouses, yards
» vehicles installations
» cranes, diggers, trucks,     ambulances

Features & benefits ...   

» Tablet PCs are fully-functional laptop PC, designed with a focus on mobility, reducing weight and dimensions for ease of use.
With the size and connectivity, tablet PCs are the ideal solution for the mobile computing.
Nowadays many professionals require access to documents, files, email and plans in order to be able to exchange information and data as easily as if they are using a traditional PC in the office or at home

» Tablet PC models are slate type, without keyboards or a mouse. They have an integrated touch screen that allows the user to operate the PC with a plastic stylus or the fingertips.
There ar 2 versions available, Semi-rugged and Rugged tablet PC.

» Semi-rugged tablet PC
Offer compact dimensions and reduced weight, the Semi-Rugged tablet PCs are built for ease of use and comfort. They can be used in many different environments and situations: seated at the desk, etc... They are perfect for professionals on the move such as doctors, foremen, maintenance engineers and sale managers.

The Semi-rugged tablet PCs consist of a 10.4" LCD (XGA or SVGA type) and touch screen with different configurations depending on the operating system: The Windows CE version is based on a Intel PXA270 520MHz CPU, 128Mb Flash and 128Mb Ram. The Windows XP Embedded version is based on AMD LX800 500MHz CPU, 2Gb Compact Flash and 512Mb Ram. Also available, Windows XP Professional version with a 30Gb HDU.
For communication both models include a WLAN 10/100 Ethernet 802.11a/b/g module with integrated antenna and have a PCMCIA type II expansion slot for GSM/GPRS modules.
Long lasting Li-ion battery can be charged through a specific adapter or via a docking station.

» Rugged tablet PC
The Rugged tablet PCs are design to work in very harsh environments where robustness is one of the essential requirements. All models have IP54 protection and are compliant with high standards, including military: they withstand falls from 1,2m, high vibration and extreme temperatures (-20 to 60). They are the ideal devices to use under the most extreme conditions in industrial applications, such as ports, warehouses, cranes, diggers, trucks, ambulances, etc...

Rugged tablet PCs have a high brightness 10.4" LCD with XGA or SVGA resolution with touch screen, 1 GHz CPU, 40Gb hard disk or Compact Flash, 256Mb RAM up to 1Gb and can be equipped with either Windows XP Professional or Embedded operating systems.
They come with integrated WLAN 802.11a/b/g wireless communication and Bluetooth, the GSM/GPRS module use a PCMCIA type II expansion slot. A built-in GPS module with internal antenna is also available as a factory option.
Accessories include: docking station for battery charge and vehicle mounting kit with car adapter.