NEW From OSAI OS3 CANopen or Analog Servo Drives & Motors

The OS3CAN or Analog Servo Drive product line for brushless motors has been specifically designed for applications in Industrial Automation such as: Robots, textile machines, packaging machine, palletisers, etc...

The drive requires a three phase power supply which can range between 230V (-10%) to 480V (+10%) which eliminates the need for a transformer.
Four models are available in terms of RMS current (3A, 5A, 9A and 18A). The sampling time is 100 microseconds for the current loop and 200 microseconds for velocity and position loop.
It is also possible to connect an auxiliary encoder transducer to increase the position control accuracy.
The drive analog speed reference command is +/- 10V

The drive parameters are setup using a configuration utility, which runs under in Windows.
This software utility also includes an interactive procedure which allows the system to be tuned using the integrated digital oscilloscope function, in order to achieve the best possible performance.

The OS3CAN motors are high voltage sinusoidal brushless motors, with low inertia and high dynamic. They can also have an optional holding brake and include a thermal sensor.
The position feedback is a resolver and all motors have IP65 protection level.
The available standstill torques are from 0.6Nm up to 24Nm, with maximum speeds of 3000, 4000 and 6000 rpm.
The motors can support high acceleration and deceleration up to 110.000rad/sec².



OSAI 10 Series CNC OSAI WinMedia Panels

OSAI WinMedia Panels OSAI 10 Series CNC OSAI I/O Options OSAI AC Servo Drives

CNC Systems is now representing TECHmark in Australia. The TECHmark Brand has been present in the automation area for several years with a complete range of Embedded systems: Panel PC, Industrial PC, LCD Monitors, Keyboards, CPU boards, Compact PC and systems dedicated to Home and Building Automation... which distinguish themselves by the high level of quality and technology.

From CNC and motion-control to industrial automation, from energy to optronics, from transportation to aerospace & defense.


TK-WTX Panel PC:
Is the Panel PC line developed according to ETX standard

Features & benefits...   

» The layout of the carrier board can be designed to add I/O ports to be adapted to any specific application need without influence the complex circuits of the CPU module, shortening developing times. The systems obtained by this technology are really scalable and easily configurable.

» Techmark offers an ETX module with Celeron M at 1GHz with 512Kb of L2 cache CPU or Pentium M at 1,4GHz with 2Mb of L2 cache CPU.

» TK-WTX Panel PC have a wide range of I/O: 4 serial ports (1 RS232/422/485 configurable), 3 USB ports, 1 parallel port, video output, 1 external compact flash and 1 PCI expansion slot and 2 PC104 or PC104+ slot to add after market boards..

»Mechanical tilting system that allows to open the PC module

» The new chromium plated aluminum with silk printed protective film front plate has been designed for Industrial environments in order to grant the IP65 protection.


» Tablet PCs are fully-functional laptop PC, designed with a focus on mobility, reducing weight and dimensions for ease of use.
With the size and connectivity, tablet PCs are the ideal solution for the mobile computing.
Nowadays many professionals require access to documents, files, email and plans in order to be able to exchange information and data as easily as if they are using a traditional PC in the office or at home

VTC3300 FANLESS Compact PC TECHmark INDUSTRIAL KEYBOARDS SBC power FANLESS FANLESS and LOW POWER Panel PC Panel PC for wall installation Tablet PC


  EncoderOptical Scale
New products From GIVI Misure
  Position ControlDidital Readout
VI900  Multi-axis digital readout, touch screen color LCD
color, back-lit, 5.7’’ LCD TFT
Signal input per axis
2 square waves displaced 90° ± 5° and synchronized index
Available resolutions
1000 - 500 - 200 - 100 - 50 - 20 - 10 - 5 - 2 - 1 - 0,5 - 0,2 - 0,1 μm
1° - 0,5° - 0,2° - 0,1° - 0,05° - 0,02° - 0,01° - 0,005° - 0,002° - 0,001°

GIVI Misure GMS Linear Scales
  • Distance coded reference mark (suitable for Heidenhain CNC)
  • Standard 5V TTL for most CNC applications
  • Sinusoidal 1VP
up to 0.1 µm
Grating pitch
40 µm
Max. traversing speed
120 m/min
Measuring length
up to 30040 mm at pitches of 200 mm. Sectional modules of different lengths
Reference indexes
at constant step (50 mm), selectable by a magnet or at coded distance (80 mm)

GIVI Misure Position Controllers

A new range of Position Controllers

▪ THESI 320 position controller can control shifting and positioning of two axes in 3   different operating modes:
  - MANUAL or SEMI-AUTOMATIC by keyboard.
  - AUTOMATIC on the basis of a memorized program.
▪ End of program output.
▪ Independent axes as for configurations and parameters.
▪ 3 generic auxiliary inputs.
▪ Memorization of up to 99 PROGRAMS with 20 positions each. Up to 99
  repetitions can be matched to each position (the program cycle is composed by the position & repetitions).
▪ 90 Vac to 230 Vac power supply or 24 Vac power supply with selector.
▪ Manufactured with 16 bit micro controller, 256K FLASH and 8K RAM memory in   single - chip mode.
▪ Optoisolated inputs
▪ Voltage-free contact outputs
▪ ± 10 Vdc analog output
▪ Can be installed on bench or built in.

THESI 320 AN   With analog output
POSITION: 6 high-efficiency digits
h = 13 mm and negative sign
CYCLES: 2 high-efficiency digits
h = 13 mm
PROGRAMS: 2 high-efficiency digits
h = 13 mm
Signal input per axis
2 square waves out of phase 90° ± 10° and zero ref.
Axis input frequency
20 kHz MAX
Linear resolution
200 - 100 - 50 - 20 - 10 - 5 - 2 - 1 μm
Protection class
keyboard IP 65   rear panel IP 40
Encoder power supply
5 Vdc or 12 Vdc 120 mA MAX
Power supply
90 to 230 Vac ± 10% - 50/60 Hz
24 Vac ± 10% - 50/60 Hz
Analog output
± 10 Vdc optoisolated
by removable terminal block
front panel: 100x193 mm – depth:: 135 mm