VTC3300 FANLESS Compact PC TECHmark INDUSTRIAL KEYBOARDS SBC power FANLESS FANLESS and LOW POWER Panel PC Panel PC for wall installation Tablet PC
VTC3300 is the FANLESS Compact PC dedicated to Transportation applications...
Celeron M 600 MHz & 1GHz

NICE3100 is the FANLESS Compact PC that offers the solution to high power consumption...
Celeron M1,5 MHz Pentium M1,8 MHz
Celeron M1,86 GHz Core 2 Duo 1,5GHz
Celeron M1,5 MHz Pentium M1,8 MHz
AMD Geode LX800 500 MHz

NICE3200 is the FANLESS Compact PC series based on ETX architecture. With a wide range of operating temperature, models are capable of communicating with multiple networks...
Celeron M 600MHz
AMD LX800 500MHz

TK-WINBB the Black Box is a FANLESS Compact PC that includes micro rack models for wall mount or DIN rail installation. Systems are suitable for for Automation applications such as SoftLogic, gateway for industrial bus communication, monitoring systems..
VIA Mark 533MHz-512Mb -DIMM
Celeron M 1GHz 1Gb SODDR
Celeron M 600MHz 1Gb DDR
Pentium M1,4GHz 1Gb SODDR

VTC3300 Features & benefits ...   

» VTC3300 is a FANLESS COMPACT PC completely dedicated to Transportation applications.
The technology in the transport industry has advanced in recent years from dedicated micro-controllers to a standard PC platform and is rapidly growing with demand for more sophisticated applications, such as Internet connections and complex data processing.

The Compact PC of the VTC3300 Series is the perfect solution to meet all new technical requirements. As they are an x86-based PC they are compatible with all standard operating systems (Windows XP, XPe, 2000, CE and Linux). They have been design to perform the basic tasks for fleet management (vehicle tracking, trip recording), vehicle monitoring (speed, tire pressure) and fee collection.

» Flexibility and expansion capability
to obtain the optimal solution for each application. VTC3300 offers various CPU selection for different applications and CPU performances. In addition to support standard I/O such as USB, COM and LAN, the VTC3300 also provides PCMCIA, Mini-PCI and PC104+ (ISA/PCI) sockets to offer diverse expansion capability, like WLAN and CAN bus, used in automotive application.

» GPS/GSM/GPRS modules integrated
for navigation and real-time Voice&Data communication applications. VTC3300 has an internal slot reserved to integrate optional GPS/GSM/GPRS modules. For example Siemens MC55 component is used for GSM/GPRS while the VTC3300 is used for GPS function.
» Dual-display feature
VTC3300 supports LVDS (primary) and VGA (secondary) video outputs with dual independent display function. To enhance the integration with touch screen monitors, a proprietary LVDS connector is provided to integrate LVDS signals, USB signal for the touch screen controller and the 12Vdc supply into one connector.
» Built in intelligent Power ignition control
through a hardware setting to adapt various power supply conditions in vehicle. The user can control and manage the system's power with 5 different time delay setting, such as intelligently setting the system to boot after the car engine starts and keeping the system running after car engine turns off.
» Wide range of operating temperatures
VTC3300 is a FANLESS Compact PC with a rugged aluminum chassis that functions as a heat sink to quickly transfer heat from inside of the system. Also, once the thermal sensors detect unacceptable environment temperature, the system can automatically control an optional fan kit to lower the temperature.
» High vibration tolerance
well protected HDD and fixed components, VTC3300 has high vibration and shock tolerance to suit harsh environments in transport applications. An optional vibration protection bracket is available for toughest environment.
» Applications:

» fleet management
» vehicles monitoring
» vehicles tracking
» public transportation
» cargo ships, boats and yacht
» security protection systems
» information and entertainment systems
» real-time voice and data communication

NICE3100 Features & benefits ...   

» Reducing maintenance costs
with the FANLESS architecture and the sealed 100% aluminum chassis that has a dual function as a heat sink to cool the system. Without a system fan or ventilation openings on the enclosure, it eliminates dust entering the chassis preventing system failures. The NICE 3100 Series provides solutions for dusty or sealed environments with limited ventilation.

» On-board DC/DC power supply
to adapt to a wide range of power inputs: from +12 to +30VDC.
» Remote power management
by supporting ATX power mode, it is possible to remotely wake up, shutdown or reboot, like in a PXE (Pre-Boot Execution Environment) or WOL (Wake On LAN) system. This feature is essential for administrators to manage the client systems in the field for data update, software upgrade and maintenance.
» PCI expansion capability
in industrial automation integration, the PCI expansion slot is often needed for equipment controllers, motion automation or device sensors.» Dual LAN for optimal network connection
all models are equipped with dual Ethernet ports for optimal connection with WLAN and LAN to download and update data and information.
» Applications:

» facility management
» access control
» digital surveillance
» medical applications
» industrial automation
» public information
» kiosk
» gambling machines
» video games machines

NICE3200 Features & benefits ...   

» Flexible customisation solutions
thanks to benefits of the design based on the standard ETX interface and the 3 main elements of this architecture: the ETX CPU module supporting different processors in order to provide a wide choice of models in terms of computing power; the carrier board customisation service for additional I/O ports; and finally the aluminium chassis with customised front and back membrane depending on the board I/O port layout.

» NVRAM data back up
with consideration to easy system data back up, the NICE 3200 Series has an optional NVRAM socket reserved for memory back up SRAM. To protect data lost in the event of power failure, the system automatically saves the last un-finished transaction or data to NVRAM. When the power is restored, the system then continues the saved un-finished instructions or transmitting data. This is an important feature for factory automation, the system will prevent data loss or duplicate transactions that may cause damage on assembly line equipment.
» Automatic Flow Control / isolation on RS422/485
The NICE 3200 Series has one connector (10-pin) for COM3 and COM4 to support RS422/485 with Automatic Flow Control. Unlike the RS232 port, the RS422/485 port support daisy chain connectivity and is able to perform real time status checks of devices. In addition the NICE 3200 employs an Optical Isolation method: it functions like a fire door to protect the system and reduce the damage from high-voltage of up to 2000VDC.
» Optional 2nd tier expansion
an option to add a 2nd tier expansion kit on top of the original unit, available upon ODM request. The utilisation of the additional space could configure a slim-type CD-ROM, PC/104 or PC/104-plus module that offer customer-defined I/Os.
» Applications:

» factory automation
» processing automation
» logistic automation
» monitoring control
» industrial automation
» motion control


NetPC is the space-saving solution for those applications requiring minimum space for the PC!
With the combination of high quality and high performances components.

It is a PC with extremely compact dimensions, one of the smallest PC's available on the market today; it is very easy to use and integrate due to the compact size; it can be used as a Desktop or can be fixed Wall Mounted in both horizontal or vertical position; it can be used in different applications both commercial and industrial for Terminals, Server, Fire wall, Lan station, POS etc…