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> Automation Systems Drives & motors  


>>>> Drives

The OS3CAN servo drive for brushless motors has been specifically designed for applications in Industrial Automation such as: Robots, textile machines, packaging machine, palletisers and all other applications where the direct interface of the drive with the CANopen fieldbus is required.

» The characteristics 

CANopen Drive 400V, 3A
CANopen Drive 400V, 5A
CANopen Drive 400V, 9A
CANopen Drive 400V, 18A

>>>> Motors

OS3 motors are high voltage sinusoidal brushless motors, with low inertia and high dynamic. They can also have an optional holding brake and include a thermal sensor. The position feedback is a resolver and all motors have IP65 protection level.
The available standstill torques are from 0.6Nm up to 30Nm, with maximum speeds of 3000, 4000 and 6000 rpm.
The motors can support high acceleration and deceleration up to 110.000rad/sec².