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TK-WTX Panel PC:
The Panel PC range developed to the ETX standard and architecture

15" Celeron or Pentium 1,4GHz ETX
17" Celeron or Pentium 1,4GHz ETX

WinSystem PANEL PC:
A range that combines WINDOWS XP and XP Embedded operating systems. A robust and compact PC design.
6.4" VIA MARK 533 MHz
10" Celeron M 600 MHz
12" Celeron M 600 MHz
15" Celeron M 600 MHz

A range with integrated touch screens and WINDOWS CE.NET operating system, specifically designed for low cost machine applications.
6.4" VIA MARK 533 MHz
10" VIA MARK 533 MHz
12" VIA MARK 533 MHz
15" VIA MARK 533 MHz

TK-WTX Panel PC:
Is the Panel PC line developed according to ETX standard


Features & benefits...   

» The layout of the carrier board can be designed to add I/O ports to be adapted to any specific application without the need for complex circuits to the CPU module, shortening developing times.

» Techmark offers an ETX module with Celeron M at 1GHz with 512Kb of L2 cache CPU or Pentium M at 1,4GHz with 2Mb of L2 cache CPU.

» TK-WTX Panel PC have a wide range of I/O: 4 serial ports (1 RS232/422/485 configurable), 3 USB ports, 1 parallel port, video output, 1 external compact flash and 1 PCI expansion slot and 2 PC104 or PC104+ slot to add after market boards..

»Mechanical tilting system that allows opening the PC module

» The new chromium plated aluminum with silk printed protective film front plate has been designed for Industrial environments with IP65 protection.