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» The new generation of stainless steel keyboards

An exclusive design combined with high-quality technology results in the new high-grade stainless steel space saving keyboard Industeel®.

This keyboard distinguishes by its congenial key form: the key tops with finger indentation. You will have the best tactile feeling due to carbon contact. Big letters ensure best operation comfort, and a laser lettering that protects against abrasion.

The Industeel is used within public ranges, which require a vandal proof keyboard, e. g. information terminals and kiosks. Therefore the keyboard is also dust and water-protected (IP65 / Nema6) and possesses non-removable key caps.

To meet the individual customer's request the Industeel is available with and without trackball:

TKV-084-MODUL keyboard without mouse device.

TKV-084-TB25V-MODUL includes an integrated 25 mm robust high-grade stainless steel trackball, which can also be replaced by a black plastic ball on customer's request. The two module versions can easily be integrated with front mounting studs. Also available - US, German or another layout, PS/2 or USB connection