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» The InduKey® Silicone Keyboards with IP68 and hygiene report

Induproof® nothing gets in!
This high-quality industrial keyboard TKG-105-MB-IP68 was tested in the Institute for medical microbiology & hospital hygiene (clinical center of the Philipps university Marburg) on risks within hygiene-sensitive fields. These tests have shown that the keyboard is well suited for use in hygienically critical and sensitive fields regarding the possibility of spraying and/or wiping with disinfectant.

The complete keyboard surface is provided with a silicone cover. The cable connection consists of a non-spiral, smooth sealed data cable. The lower surface of the Induproof is closed by a sealed disinfectant, solvent and acid resistant metal plate.

Applications for this keyboard are in the medical sector, especially in operation units of hospitals and in high-sensitive laboratory fields where disinfection of the used devices is essential to exclude any outgoing risk to the patient.