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VTC3300 is the FANLESS Compact PC dedicated to Transportation applications...
Celeron M 600 MHz & 1GHz

NICE3100 is the FANLESS Compact PC that offers the solution to high power consumption...
Celeron M1,5 MHz Pentium M1,8 MHz
Celeron M1,86 GHz Core 2 Duo 1,5GHz
Celeron M1,5 MHz Pentium M1,8 MHz
AMD Geode LX800 500 MHz

NICE3200 is the FANLESS Compact PC series based on ETX architecture. With a wide range of operating temperature, models are capable of communicating with multiple networks...
Celeron M 600MHz
AMD LX800 500MHz

TK-WINBB the Black Box is a FANLESS Compact PC that includes micro rack models for wall mount or DIN rail installation. Systems are suitable for for Automation applications such as SoftLogic, gateway for industrial bus communication, monitoring systems..
VIA Mark 533MHz-512Mb -DIMM
Celeron M 1GHz 1Gb SODDR
Celeron M 600MHz 1Gb DDR
Pentium M1,4GHz 1Gb SODDR

VTC3300 in Transport PC solutions

VTC3300 for fleet management

There are an increasing number of transportation companies investing in transport PC systems for fleet management to enhance the logistic control, work process and security.

Real-time logistic control: the freight truck driver is able to communicate with the central office to update live inventory data through GPS/GSM/GPRS functions; the drivers can update the delivery status of packages on the road.

Optimisation of the work process: using GPS navigation drivers can locate their service destination, it is possible for the central office to track the location of delivery's to avoid drivers wasting time rescheduling routes and dispatch calls. When integrated with a bar code reader and RFID reader, the driver has the option to scan the loading and unloading packages to increase accuracy. The invoice can be printed directly through a receipt printer (with COM or USB port).

Safety and security monitoring: using the PC104+ socket, VTC3300 can be equipped with a CAN bus expansion board to connect sensors performing truck's weight control, cargo temperature monitoring, tire pressure, driving speed and gasoline to ensure the safety of the truck. Moreover connecting CCD camera with USB port, it is possible to create a video surveillance system for real-time security protection against the theft.

VTC3300 in public transportation

VTC3300 is a stand-alone command center in public transport systems.

Real-time schedule monitoring and passenger information: the schedule monitoring is calculated based on the comparison on time at the present location of the bus from the time at the next scheduled bus stop. The result is indicated on the bus driver's screen which is updated simultaneously. It also provides real-time information on passengers screen to show the next bus arrival time at bus stop.

Computer-aided service for drivers : for toll collection system VTC3300 is capable to connect smart card reader and receipt printer with USB and COM ports. The bus driver can broadcast information to the passengers with hands-free headphones via Mic-in and Line-out ports while he/she can control the bus doors and emergency alarms (connected to the GPIO) directly by the touch screen driver display. For bus status monitoring a CAN bus module can be added on PC104+ socket as expansion.

Entertainment for passengers: VTC3300 has an integrated high quality graphic controller to display images. It can play a wide range of media types, such as video, slide shows or still images and play most of the video/audio format just like you would do in the home or office. Files can be downloaded to the HDD in advance via WLAN module (Mini-PCI socket), USB flash or Ethernet while the buses are parked for storage or maintenance.

Dual independent display management: VTC3300 supports dual independent display through LVDS and VGA ports. The LVDS interface supports long cabling up to 10 meters without degrading the image quality. To enhance the integration with touch screen monitors, a proprietary LVDS connector is provided. The connector includes the LVDS signal, the USB signal for touch screen controller and 12Vdc signal into one connector.


NICE3300 front view

NICE3300 back view

CPU/L2 cache:

Celeron M 600MHz / 512Kb
Celeron M 1GHz / 1Mb

256Mb ÷ 1Gb SODDR
2,5" PATA interface 40/80Gb (optional)
Compact Flash:

1 x internal CF up to 8Gb
1 x external CF up to 8Gb

Serial ports:

2 x RS232 D-shell 9 pin connector
2 x RS232/422/485 with screw terminal

4 ports 2.0
Video output:
1 VGA connector and LVDS connector for external monitors
1 Ethernet 10/100Mbps port, RJ45 connector
Mic-In, Line-In and Line-OUT connectors
Power, HDD/memory, 1 programmable
Expansion slot:
1 x PCMCIA and 1 x MiniPCI
GSM/GPRS (optional):
frontal socket for SIM Card and 1 x FME-type antenna mounting hole (Option code: NAK-3300)
GPS (optional):
1 x SMA-type antenna mounting hole
(Option code: NAK-3300)
WIFI (optional):
1 x SMA-type WIFI antenna mounting hole
Operating System:
Windows XP Professional or XP Embedded
Power supply:
6 ÷ 36Vdc with power ignition control
100% aluminium chassis used as heat dissipator (no fan)
wallmount brackets
Operating temperature:

ambient with air flow : -10°÷50° with CF
storage: -20°÷80°
available an optional external Active cooling kit (5V and 12V)

10÷90% (no condensing)

Available versions:
FANLESS Transport Compact PC with Celeron M 600MHz CPU, 6-36Vdc power supply and power ignition control
FANLESS Transport Compact PC with Celeron M 1GHz CPU, 6-36Vdc power supply and power ignition control

Operating environment:
(with anti-vibration bracket)
Operating: MIL-STD-810F, method 514.5, category 20, ground vehicle
Storage: MIL-STD-810F, method 514.5, category 24, integrity test
(with anti-vibration bracket)
Operating: MIL-STD-810F, method 516.5, truck and semi trailers = 20g
Crash hazard: MIL-STD-810F, method 516.5, ground equipment = 75g


A = 260 mm
B = 70 mm
C= 172 mm