VTC3300 FANLESS Compact PC TECHmark INDUSTRIAL KEYBOARDS SBC power FANLESS FANLESS and LOW POWER Panel PC Panel PC for wall installation Tablet PC
VTC3300 is the FANLESS Compact PC dedicated to Transportation applications...
Celeron M 600 MHz & 1GHz

NICE3100 is the FANLESS Compact PC that offers the solution to high power consumption...
Celeron M1,5 MHz Pentium M1,8 MHz
Celeron M1,86 GHz Core 2 Duo 1,5GHz
Celeron M1,5 MHz Pentium M1,8 MHz
AMD Geode LX800 500 MHz

NICE3200 is the FANLESS Compact PC series based on ETX architecture. With a wide range of operating temperature, models are capable of communicating with multiple networks...
Celeron M 600MHz
AMD LX800 500MHz

TK-WINBB the Black Box is a FANLESS Compact PC that includes micro rack models for wall mount or DIN rail installation. Systems are suitable for for Automation applications such as SoftLogic, gateway for industrial bus communication, monitoring systems..
VIA Mark 533MHz-512Mb -DIMM
Celeron M 1GHz 1Gb SODDR
Celeron M 600MHz 1Gb DDR
Pentium M1,4GHz 1Gb SODDR

NICE3120: industrial automation system

Extremely compact and with the AMD Geode LX800 Low Power CPU, the NICE3120 model is suited for low power industrial automation applications in terms of features and price.

NICE3120 has many I/O options to connect industrial devices and controllers: 4 RS232 serial ports, 1 Mini-PCI expansion, 2 Ethernet ports, 1 parallel port.
RS232 ports are designed with 2 x DB9 ports for PLC and 2 x RJ45 ports for R I/O connections.


NICE3120 FrontNICE3120 Rear

CPU/L2 cache:

AMD LX800 500MHz / 128Mb

512Mb or 1Gb DDR
Compact Flash:

1 x internal CF up to 8Gb

2,5" PATA interface 40/80Gb (optional)
Serial ports:
4 x RS232, 9 pin D-shell connector
Parallel port:
1 x SPP/EPP/ECP; DBUB 25-pin connector
4 ports 2.0
Video output:
1 VGA connector for external monitor
2 ports Ethernet 10/100Mbps, RJ45 connector
Line Out connector
Power, HDD, Ethernet 1and 2 programmable
1 MiniDIN connector, Y cable included
Operating system:
Windows XP Professional or XP Embedded
Power supply:
12Vdc - 100÷240Vac, 48W power supplier included
Power consumption:
2A at 12Vdc
100% aluminium chassis used as heat dissipator (no fan)
wallmount brackets

Operating: 0°÷40° - Storage: -20°÷ 80°

Available models:
Industrial FANLESS Ultra-Compact PC with aluminium chassis, CPU AMD LX800 a 500MHz, internal CF, 12Vdc power supplier


A = 195 mm
B = 80 mm
C= 149 mm