VTC3300 FANLESS Compact PC TECHmark INDUSTRIAL KEYBOARDS SBC power FANLESS FANLESS and LOW POWER Panel PC Panel PC for wall installation Tablet PC
are used in applications where the dimension of the board is not so important...

simplifies considerably the design of the whole electronics...

ECX Solutions
Embedded 3.5" Low Power VIA MARK 533/800MHz
Embedded 3.5" Ultra Low Power Celeron M 600Mb
Embedded 3.5" Low Power AMD LX800 500MHz
Embedded 3.5" Celeron M 1GHz/Pentium M 1,4GHz

» ECX Solutions

This product line includes 3.5” Embedded models which provide a solution for multimedia equipment used in kiosks, point of sales, operator interface systems and in general applications requiring compact CPU boards connected to LCD display. The ECX format has been engineered to include all the standard features of a CPU board in a very compact space.

Models we offer are based on AMD LX800, VIA Mark and Celeron M/Pentium M CPUs with a wide choice of standard peripherals and a PC104 or PC104+ slot.