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10/110 CNC
10/110 CNC offers an excellent price-performances

10/510 CNC
10/ 510 offers more CNC solutions with price-performance

10/510i CNC
10/510i models greatly speed up module integration

10 Series CNC Programming features


The new 10/510i models greatly speed up module integration by the way in which flexible configuration enables the numerical control and a PC to be integrated in the operator panel. The innovative characteristics of the new model is a brand new concept, with hardware "building-blocks" based on the basic modules used in various configurations:

- 10/510i Blink.
CNC integrated in the BLink operator panel
- 10/510i OpLink.
CNC integrated in the OpLink operator panel
- 10/510i WinLink.
CNC and PC integrated in the WinLink operator panel
- 10/510i Control Unit.
CNC Black Box for totally remote applications

The combination of the separate components of the CNC into a single hardware module makes for an extremely simple installation, completely eliminating the wiring normally necessary to connect the CNC to the operating panel. This results in direct benefits in the reduction of plant cost and a significant saving of space within the electrical cabinet.
To recap; through the introduction of the 10/ 510, OSAI offers their customers a new, more powerful, more flexible CNC, with a powerful 850MHz processor, the ability to manage digital applications at high speed, a guarantee of full compatibility with preceding products, and full configurability including:

- control of up to 20 simultaneous processes
- management of up to 6 analogue axes
- management up to 8 digital Sercos® axes
- management up to 16 digital OS-WIRE axes
- polynomial interpolation algorithms for HSM functionality
- standard industry field bus interface with:
CANOpen, INTERBUS-S and PROFIBUS-DP in Slave mode
- standard Ethernet communication interface